A Little Reveal

Hey everyone. Warner Bros. has finally released the logo (and name) for the second LEGO Movie or as it is now named The LEGO Movie: The Second Part. As a super fan of this series of films, this really excites me. both logos side by side   What do you think? Comment below if you're... Continue Reading →


Top Five Collectible Series Minifigures

You may remember our Top Five Villains and Top Five Heroes posts. Today we are continuing that series with the Top Five Collectible Series Minifigures. LEGO has released 18 normal series along with 2 LEGO Batman Movie Series, a LEGO Movie Series, a LEGO Ninjago Movie series and more. For the purposes of this post,... Continue Reading →

Lego Ideas

Hello. Hulk here. Today I have some Lego Ideas that I would recommend. There is Link, an epic battleship, the Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship, Hiccup and Toothless, Luke and Darth Vader Cloud City dual, Narnia Prince Caspian Treasure Trove, Pursuit of Flight, Rey's Speeder (BIG!), an amazing Tree, and finally, an epic Typewriter. The... Continue Reading →

May News Post

We will start off with May 4th stuff 'cause....   The top two are released on May 4th, but Darth Vader is available for a longer period of time. Incredibles 2   We are finally getting a DC combo pack. This is the Tactical Batman & Superman. It costs 19.99 USD. That will be all... Continue Reading →

Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash (76088)

Hello. Hulk here. I am reviewing LEGO’s Thor vs. Hulk: Arena Clash.  This set retails for 59.99 USD. It has four minifigures (including the Hulk). This is a fun scene in the movie where Thor gets to meet Hulk on Sakaar.  It has 492 pieces and many different functions we will show off. And from... Continue Reading →

Mid Month News

This is gonna be pretty quick. As of the 20th, LEGO will be releasing some Solo: A Star Wars Story LEGO sets. These are, Kessel Run Millennium Falcon, Imperial Patrol Battle Pack, Moloch's Speeder, Han Solo's Speeder, and the Imperial Tie Fighter. My younger brother, Noah (remember his truck post? here) has been looking for... Continue Reading →

Neighborhood of Make Believe

We have a MOC this week! This is the Neighborhood of Make Believe from the classic kid's show, Mr. Roger's Neighborhood. I am planning to add characters eventually (what do I mean add? this thing is on LEGO Ideas so I am able to update it...) but I haven't gotten around to it yet. By... Continue Reading →