Top Five Clone Minifigures

To celebrate the return of the Clone Wars, I am bringing the top five Clone Minifigures here to MadeofBlox, continuing our Top Five Minifigures series. Remember that these are my personal favorites and these ratings are not based on value or anything else. #5: ARF Trooper   #4: Shadow Trooper   #3: Barc Trooper  ... Continue Reading →


Review: The Eiffel Tower (set number 21019)

This week we have the Eiffel Tower (21019) to review. Retailing for 34.99, this set is part of the Architecture line. For identification (not really needed for the Eiffel Tower), it has a plaque with the words 'The Eiffel Tower.' As an Architecture set, it is meant for display and not play, but does have... Continue Reading →

Minifigure of the Week: Sam Flynn

This week we have Sam Flynn from Tron: Legacy. This minifigure was released in the LEGO: Ideas line in 2018 in Tron: Legacy Lightcycle Fight. or Tron: LEGOcy. See what I did there? No link this week to Bricklink. We are having some technical difficulties getting the page. See you on Tuesday!

SDCC Exclusives 2018 (Bonus)

The last exclusive SDCC (San Diego Comic-Con) figure was announced today. We will go through all exclusives for 2018 today. Hang tight. Here we go. Minifigures: The first thing you need to know is that these are done via a lottery system. The second is that they are valued at 500-1000 average. Sherriff Deadpool Black... Continue Reading →

Really cool Ideas project (not mine)

I'm throwing this one together in like... 5 minutes so, just a picture and link. This is an Ideas project for Spaceship Earth from Epcot Center in Disney World. link:

July Releases

Hey everyone! You may have noticed that we have changed the title from news to releases. We will eventually switch our logo from saying News to saying Releases. From now on... (I paused for you guys to figure out what movie I'm referencing) I'm gonna' keep referencing that movie (it's the greatest movie ever made). News will... Continue Reading →