Hey. As you may know, I am a LEGO only kind of fan, meaning that I only buy LEGO. I never buy competitors like Megabloks®, or Prizelock® although family members have occasionally bought them for me (I keep them separate from the LEGO). The cool thing about is that they print onto authentic LEGO pieces. Now, sells custom minifigs, both of their own design and of yours! I ordered a custom for my new sig-fig. As they are based in the UK, the minifigure took 2 weeks to arrive.

The quality was amazing. This was exactly what I wanted. I asked them to keep it simple and print the MadeofBlox logo onto a white torso. My only problem was the box. As they ship for lower prices (internationally), they packed it with little protection.


I’m not a person who really cares about stuff like that, but some people do. The minifigure cost about 10 USD. Overall, I would rate 8/10 for quality and price.